The world has become more of a global village today than ever before. For employees to access organizational resources, applications, and systems, businesses should be online. Therefore, the dawn of the internet brought all these connections. Wi-Fi connectivity allows people and businesses to operate online. Therefore, with Ruijie Networks’ connectivity, businesses are now realizing their potential. As a Ruijie supplier and partner in Dubai, UAE Fiber Link Trading provides the best prices for you.

Ruijie developed a more advanced next-generation firewall with a comprehensive application-layer security design to identify users, and content in the network, and applications, and perform security control operations. It offers full protection across layer 2 to layer 7. The firewall comes with device recognition and management, web content filtering, anti-spam, APP control, user authentication, etc. So, Ruijie comes with an inbuilt firewall, IPS, and anti-X features protection.

There are switches, wireless, and gateway solutions tailor-made for small businesses. The Ruijie Wireless includes an indoor series, a Wall-Plate series as well an outdoor series. In addition, there is a SMART + SME IP Surveillance network solution. As the leading IT Solutions provider in Dubai, UAE, Fiber Link Trading is here to help you with a one-stop-shop solution for your business.