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Fiber Link Trading is the best supplier of Molex cables in Dubai, UAE. We offer all kinds of Molex products in Dubai. Our major products include Copper and Fiber. A seamless combination of server, network, and storage devices gives you a competitive edge in an accelerating market. Molex delivers complete data and computing solutions that are faster, smaller, and more efficient – and optimized for superior signal integrity. When you work with Molex, you have a reliable source who helps you realize your next project, from Internet-of-Things integration to better networking performance.

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Why Molex​

Molex Conducts over 30 years’ of experience in the design and Production of end-to-end solutions, as well as hundreds of years of consolidated employee experience in making structured cabling systems that global businesses rely on, today and in the future. Fiber Link Trading is happy to Become one of the Best Molex Dealers in Dubai UAE.

By helping you change your ideas into the critical space that will meet the growing needs of your business, we can save you time, money, and energy. A Molex end-to-end solution protects the changes you make today and will meet the demands of your business.

Our Warranty

Molex offers a complete 25-year System Performance and Application promise Warranty on qualifying Molex CES branded end-to-end passive programs installed by our Certified Installers and a Product Warranty on certified end-to-end passive solutions installed by our Authorized Installers. To Carry this warranty, we select professionals for our Business Associate Program and train them to our high standards.