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CCTV Security Solution Dubai

CCTV Systems serve as a critical surveillance solution for facilities requiring round-the-clock observation. They effectively deter unauthorized individuals right at the outset. Fiber Link Computer, a premier distributor in Dubai, specializes in providing cutting-edge CCTV security equipment and comprehensive advice to ensure your surveillance setup is optimally designed and implemented. Our offerings cater to a diverse range of applications, from individual camera setups to extensive multi-camera configurations, adhering to the highest CCTV standards. Our installations span a variety of venues, including private properties, heritage sites, hotels, film studios, corporate offices, and educational institutions such as universities and colleges.

At Project Skills Solutions, our dedicated CCTV team is committed to enhancing the security of your business. We provide expert guidance to fortify your premises effectively within your budgetary limits. Our extensive range of CCTV services encompasses design, installation, upgrades, maintenance, leasing, and monitoring solutions. With our remote monitoring services, you gain immediate access to your CCTV footage, ensuring your peace of mind and the safety of your organization.

Our CCTV systems offer:

    • Digital and network video recordings

    •  Video analytics

    •  People counting and access control

    •  Automatic number plate recognition

    •  Off-site recording storage and retrieval

Your Security, Our Priority…

Explore top-tier security cameras from leading brands like Bosch, Samsung, Hikvision, and Dahua at Fiber Link Computer. We offer a curated selection to meet any need, backed by expert advice. Elevate your security with us.


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