AKUVOX Suppliers in Dubai


Fiber Link Trading provides high quality AKUVOX Products in Dubai, UAE. We are one of the best AKUVOX suppliers in UAE. AKUVOX is a global leading provider of Smart Intercom products and solutions. AKUVOX is committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people’s lives with better communication, greater security and more convenience.

Encompassing artificial intelligence, SIP, Android, Cloud, Security and other advanced technologies, AKUVOX continuously drive breakthrough changes in the industry and creatively deliver an unrivaled portfolio of smart intercom products and solutions. They have been deployed and used daily in more than 80 countries and regions meeting customer needs in various vertical markets that range from residential to commercial, from healthcare to public safety.

If you are looking for AKUVOX products, feel free to contact us. Our expertise is validated by the solutions we provide to our clients. We adopt industry best practices to be the best AKUVOX suppliers in UAE. We always ensure fast delivery of the product. We value our clients, and we provide the exact solution for them. We are excellent at all the IT related services and thus we became one of the best AKUVOX Service providers in UAE.

Allied Telesis design there switches for performance with a build quality that maximizes uptime and guarantees longevity. Fiber Link Trading has the wide variety of Allied Telesis Switches

  • Enterprise
  • SMB
  • Industrial
  • Industry Certified

Allied Telesis edge security protects your wired and wireless network from internal threats, by automatically quarantining suspect devices. Relax and enjoy a self-defending network. Instant Technology has a sales team to answer any questions relating to Allied Telesis and help with any order.

WHY Fiber Link Trading ?​

With a portfolio of products and technologies providing end-to-end networking solutions for enterprise, government, education and critical infrastructure customers, Allied Telesis is the smarter choice. Get Fast Service and Low Prices on Allied Telesis at Fiber Link Trading .Our dedicated sales team are ready to check and update on your sales inquiries.