THE BEST COMMSCOPE DISTRIBUTOR IN DUBAI – UAE Fiber Link Trading is the best CommScope products dealer in Dubai. Fiber Link Trading offers all kinds of communication cables like Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Fiber Cable, and all kinds of accessories. We are the stockist of CommScope cables and Accessories.

CommScope is at the cutting edge of shaping infrastructure, products, and solutions that strengthen people’s lives. Commscope products make communication faster, easier, and more efficient in today’s always-on world. Fiber Link Trading is the best distributor of CommScope in Dubai, UAE. At Fiber Link Trading we exist to enable and improve the way we learn, work, and live, constantly challenging what’s available now and thinking beyond to meet the needs of what’s next.

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Fiber Link Trading offers an extensive portfolio of high-performance CommScope twisted-pair cables for your structured cabling needs. From basic Category 3 cables, for voice applications, to Category 6A, 7, and 7A cables designed for 10GBASE-T. We also feature a broad range of un-shielded and shielded cables designed to meet or exceed your requirements. We pride ourselves on becoming the top-rated CommScope Distributor in Dubai.

  • Shielded or unshielded
  • Offered for LSZH, plenum, and non-plenum applications
  • Features 4-, 8-, 25-, 50- and 100-pair configurations options
  • Available for Category 3, 5e, 6, 6A, 7 and 7A


Building Stronger Connections​

In the ground, in buildings or through the air, CommScope understands that your network must be robust and reliable. Our solutions are built with products and systems that are modular, cost-effective and easy to install and maintain. We believe the smallest details can give you an edge in performance and a better experience. Whether it’s by improving capacity, finding ways to decrease latency and boost performance or creating connectivity solutions that are easier to use, CommScope can help you discover more intelligent solutions for success.

Shaping the Networks of the Future​

For more than 40 years, we’ve been leaders in innovating the network infrastructure of the future. Developments such as the Internet of Things, seamless connectivity and 5G introduce new requirements and demand creative thinking. With our unmatched expertise in copper, fiber a wireless infrastructure, rely on us to enhance and migrate your network to outperform today and be ready for the needs of tomorrow.

Optimizing Bandwidth​

As the number of connected devices and the amount of data they use increase at exponential rates, we understand your need for continuous improvements. From material and product design and patented components to applications and architecture, we aim to deliver solutions that enhance the speed, efficiency and performance of your network.