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Fiber Link Trading is the top dealer of Fortinet products in Dubai, UAE. Fortinet is next-generation firewalls utilize purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance including encrypted traffic. Fortinet reduces complexity with automated visibility into applications, users and network and provides security ratings to adopt security best practices.

As security architects consider how to provide comprehensive threat protection for their enterprises, including intrusion prevention, web filtering, anti-malware and application control, they face a major complexity hurdle managing these point products with no integration and lack of visibility. Gartner estimates that by 2019 80% of enterprise traffic will be encrypted and 50% of attacks targeting enterprise will be hidden in encrypted traffic.


Security is often overlooked by the business. The best response to provide complete network security is to implement a proper firewall at the network gateway. Through firewall security, you are increasing the chance of protection against the most common computer and network threats and hackers. As a security solution, Fortinet firewall offers some beautiful performance against modern malicious attacks.

With the state of the art security measures, your business can achieve an end to end protection with advanced capabilities that share the intelligence across the entire network. By sharing the information, a great deal of protection can be provided to all layers of the network. As an expert, we are good at delivering effective IT security measures for every kind of industry using the Fortinet firewall in UAE.


The Fortinet firewall offer end-to-end security solutions across your business network. Because of its high-end architecture and functionalities, it is known as the next generation firewall in the industry. The range of Fortinet firewalls UAE can be optimized for data center security solutions and varied-size business network security solutions. The Fortinet firewall series comprises of the high-end firewall, mid-range firewall, and entry-level firewall. It has been an answer to today’s growing threat landscape. This next generation firewall secures your business with easy to manage platform solution, understand the targeted attacks early, deep visibility and excellent control of applications. It includes the series FortiGate 5000, FortiGate 3000, and FortiGate 1000 series. The high-level firewall is manufactured to protect the most demanding environments and comes with advanced hardware components powered by the FortiOS Operating system. Fortinet mid-range next gen firewall series consists of FortiGate 900-600 series, FortiGate 500-300 series and FortiGate 200-100 series. The Fortinet entry-level next-gen firewalls include of FortiGate 90-60 series and FortiGate 50-30 series. Fortinet Firewall features

  • Application and user identity awareness
  • Content security with integrated intrusion prevention, Antivirus, and web filtering
  • SSL encryption and decryption
  • Advanced threat detection
  • Additional critical define subscriptions can easily be added
  • Fortinet Advanced threat protection
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Act on known threats
  • Identify previously unknown threats