Fiber Link Trading is a supplier of Ruckus Products in Dubai, UAE. Ruckus provide high-performance, secure, and dependable access to applications and services regardless of how demanding the environment is. Network switches, access points, wireless controllers, and other Wi-Fi solutions are offered by Ruckus. Using Ruckus products and solutions, any business, regardless of size or expertise, can easily implement, maintain, and develop a converged IT/OT network while addressing particular business outcomes. With the aid of machine learning and AI, IT can troubleshoot more quickly and proactively set, measure, and meet SLAs that take into account the changing needs of its users.


The market for mobile Internet infrastructure is expanding quickly, and Ruckus Wireless is a market leader in developing cutting-edge wireless technologies. Ruckus WLAN systems are designed for large-scale interior installations and combine power and usability. You receive the best business Wi-Fi available, and your users always receive excellent Wi-Fi service that is quick, dependable, and secure.

 WHY Fiber Link Trading?

We have been distributing and stocking Ruckus products for many years. We can help you with any technical or order enquiry you may have. Please get in touch with us if you’re looking for Ruckus products.